#1 Barcelona Real Madrid, the Classic Ends in a Draw von Rshop2018 05.06.2018 10:16

PAC: He's just one of these players with high acceleration and a decent sprint speed. I played a couple of matches with him around the base and then hit on the hunter on him, which Cheap FIFA 19 Coins attracted him into 98 acc and 88 sprint speed. Felt pretty fast after that. No complaints in any way.

SHO: I did not actually expect him to score a lot, but he also scored 6 goals in 10 Div 1 game. After using Hunter, you'll discover that his end in the box is quite clinical. Long strikes were decent as I discovered most of these either hit the pole were rescued by Tier 1 goalkeepers.

98 Passing is no exaggeration and is actually felt in the game. Cunning balls happen with such class and precision. He lets you take your time with the sport because of the type of player he is. Deadly on break, when thrown through a pass or pushed, I always found my striker.

DRI: World course. With this card you need not rush. Constantly give him the ball and look to make. He could pass by the top midfielders Buy FIFA 19 Coins with a couple ball rolls or merely a twist twist. His foundation dribbling stat is 91, but mix that with 98 agility and balance and he is pretty much the demigod.

DEF: He has intercepted so much that you can see your competition has a nervous breakdown during the sport. Such a fantastic placement is all the time and his capacity to trace is phenomenal. He's 5'9, so it's a bit too much to ask him to win headers, but he will allow you to manage to dominate the midfield.

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