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MARY JEMISON, JEMISON, was taken by the Indians, in the year 1755, when only about.
CONTAINING An An of the Murder of her Father and his Family; her sufferings; her.
TO WHICH WHICH ADDED, An APPENDIX, containing an account of the tragedy at the Devil's.
of of Indians, as believed and practised at the present day, and since Mrs.
Jemison's Jemison's together with some Anecdotes, and other entertaining matter.
That to to writings we are indebted for the greatest and best field in which.
In them them can trace the effects of mental operations to their proper sources; and.
Without a a of the lives of the vile and abandoned, we should be wholly.
Biography is is telescope of life, through which we can see the extremes and excesses.
Wisdom and and refinement and vulgarity, love and hatred, tenderness and cruelty, happiness and misery.

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