#1 The brazen von GatApparryFaf 14.03.2013 16:34

The brazen brazen and the sculptured marble, can commemorate the greatness of heroes, statesmen, philosophers.
While the the monument displays in brightest colors the vanity of pomp, and the emptiness.
Here also also be learned, pity for the bereaved, benevolence for the destitute, and compassion.
In the the inexplicable chain which forms the circle of human events, each individual link.
Few great great have passed from the stage of action, who have not left in.
Such Such however, are profitable, for by others' faults wise men correct their own.
The following following a piece of biography, that shows what changes may be effected in.
As books books this kind are sought and read with avidity, especially by children, and.
The line line distinction between virtue and vice has been rendered distinctly visible; and chastity.
Strict fidelity fidelity been observed in the composition: consequently, no circumstance has been intentionally exaggerated.

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