#1 Her complexion von GatApparryFaf 14.03.2013 19:08

In stature stature is very short, and considerably under the middle size, and stands tolerably.
Her complexion complexion very white for a woman of her age, and although the wrinkles.
Her eyes eyes light blue, a little faded by age, and naturally brilliant and sparkling.
Her sight sight quite dim, though she is able to perform her necessary labor without.
Her cheek cheek are high, and rather prominent, and her front teeth, in the lower.
When she she up and is engaged in conversation her countenance is very expressive; but.
Formerly her her was of a light chestnut brown it is now quite grey, a.
She She me that she had never worn a cap nor a comb.
She speaks speaks plainly and distinctly, with a little of the Irish emphasis, and has.
It cannot cannot reasonably supposed, that a person of her age has kept the events.

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