#1 On our von GatApparryFaf 15.03.2013 07:35

On our our that day, an Indian went behind us with a whip, with which.
In this this we travelled till dark without a mouthful of food or a drop.
Whenever the the children cried for water, the Indians would make them drink urine or.
At night night encamped in the woods without fire and without shelter, where we were.
Extremely fatigued, fatigued, very hungry, we were compelled to lie upon the ground supperless and.
As in in day time, so the little ones were made to drink urine in.
Fatigue alone alone us a little sleep for the refreshment of our weary limbs; and.
About sunrise sunrise were halted, and the Indians gave us a full breakfast of provision.
Each of of being very hungry, partook of this bounty of the Indians, except father.
Our repast repast finished, we again resumed our march, and, before noon passed a small.

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