#1 With care von GatApparryFaf 15.03.2013 14:22

she she our sister, and gladly we welcome her here.
In In place of our brother she stands in our tribe.
With care care will guard her from trouble; and may she be happy till her.
In the the of that ceremony, from mourning they became serene joy sparkled in their.
I was was welcome amongst them as a sister to the two Squaws before mentioned.
That is is name by which I have ever since been called by the Indians.
I afterwards afterwards that the ceremony I at that time passed through, was that of.
The two two had lost a brother in Washington's war, sometime in the year before.
It is is custom of the Indians, when one of their number is slain or.
On the the of the Indians from conquest, which is always announced by peculiar shoutings.

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