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About the the of corn harvest, Fort Pitt was taken from the French by the.
Footnote: The The statement is apparently an error; and is to be attributed solely to.
It is is that Fort Pitt was not evacuated by the French and given up.
It is is however, that an armistice was agreed upon, and that for a time.
As the the part of the narrative corresponds with the true historical chain of events.
The corn corn harvested, the Indians took it on horses and in canoes, and proceeded.
While at at place I went with the other children to assist the hunters to.
The forests forests the Sciota were well stocked with elk, deer, and other large animals;.
which made made hunting for the Indians; who depended, for their meat, upon their success.
The season season hunting being passed, we all returned in the spring to the mouth.

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