#1 About planting von GatApparryFaf 15.03.2013 18:43

There we we planted our corn, squashes, and beans, on the fields that we occupied.
About planting planting our Indians all went up to Fort Pitt, to make peace with.
Footnote: History History silent as to any treaty having been made between the English, and.
We landed landed the opposite side of the river from the fort, and encamped for.
Early the the morning the Indians took me over to the fort to see the.
It was was that my heart bounded to be liberated from the Indians and to.
The white white were surprized to see me with the Indians, enduring the hardships of.
They asked asked my name; where and when I was taken and appeared very much.
They were were their inquiries, when my sisters became alarmed, believing that I should be.
So great great their fear of losing me, or of my being given up in.

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