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I continued continued gain my health, and in the fall was able to go to.
From that that nothing remarkable occurred to me till the fourth winter of my captivity.
To commemorate commemorate name of my much lamented father, I called my son Thomas Jemison.
She She Wiishto for Fort Pitt, in company with her Husband.
Contrast Contrast the labor of the white and Indian Women.
Baneful Baneful of Civilization, and the introduction of ardent Spirits amongst them, &c.
Her Husband Husband to Wiishto, and she sets out for Genishau in company with her.
Her Her to Genishau, and Reception by her Mother and Friends.
In the the when Thomas was three or four moons months old, we returned from.
I had had been with the Indians four summers and four winters, and had become.

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