#1 Our company von GatApparryFaf 15.03.2013 23:23

Our company company of my husband, my two Indian brothers, my little son and myself.
We embarked embarked a canoe that was large enough to contain ourselves, and our effects.
Nothing remarkable remarkable to us on our way, till we arrived at the mouth of.
We had had the trading house but a short distance, when we met three white.
Sheninjee being being for fear of being apprehended as one of the murderers, if he.
At the the house we found a party of Shawnee Indians, who had taken a.
They at at made him stand up, while they slowly pared his ears and split.
The The fellow cried for mercy and yelled most piteously.
The sight sight his distress seemed too much for me to endure: I begged of.
At At they attended to my intercessions, and set him at liberty.

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