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Packing crepe paper tough and elastic for packing wool products and other flexible goods to prevent the packaging of the paper due to the large scalability of rupture using strong and tough wrapping paper as the base paper.

Decorative crepe paper, such as various color wrinkle paper, for holiday decoration and paper flowers, with thin paper as base paper. Usually wet (or not completely dried) base paper, shoveled with a scraper on an oven, or mechanically wrinkled, then dried.

Originally, "hand rubbing paper" refers to paper that kneads natural fold textures with hands. For example, we often use "South Korean hand rubbing paper." it is really a hand-made piece of paper, and the texture is hand-rubbed. The textures and textures of paper are very special.

But now the hand kneading paper is a very common wrapping paper in the market. It is the kind of colored, fine square paper commonly used in flower shops. It is machine-pressed, imitating the texture of hand rubbing. It is very cheap. It is suitable for packaging and origami because of its many colors and low cost. Some also use him to make paper flowers, but its effect is far less than paper rattan.

It's a lot of paper called crepe paper sheets, for example, when we were a kid, the teacher used to tie the crocus, the colored paper that's a bit like toilet paper is also crepe paper, and some of the paper and the paper are called crepe paper, because they all have wrinkles.

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