#1 Foreign brands and foreign brands is a muddled von qianyuqianxun 23.11.2016 04:39

In people's usual concept, the product is using foreign trademarks, even in domestic production, should also be "foreign goods." According to industry sources, in order to meet some of the consumers that foreign brands of goods cost-effective, good quality and other psychological demands, some businesses will choose to register their products abroad brand, in fact, products from raw materials to production machinery As well as processing technology are local, the so-called "foreign goods" is only "only its name" Bale.Integrity outdoor deck wholesale
In fact, consumers should abandon this "foreign goods is good goods" consumption concept. In the current floor sales market, almost all of the foreign brands have been with the "blood of China", which not only reduces the production cost of the floor, but also in line with the popular trend of consumer market requirements.Environmental wood floor
Mr. Lei said that the domestic brands of flooring and foreign and there is no substantive difference, many domestic brands will also use foreign advanced processing technology, the price will not show the difference between the poor, the difference actually comes from the consumer heart Of the degree of recognition.High-quality outdoor deck wholesale

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