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ingsbury/Murray era in the desert Black Patrick Peterson Jersey , but starting the season with both a rookie head coach and starting QB is relatively rare. How have previous inexperienced coach/QB combos fared? (Part 2 of 2.)The Revenge of the Birds podcastGreen in the desert: A look back at previous 1st-year coach/rookie starting QB combos (Part 2)New,3commentsCardinals fans are excited about the start of the Kingsbury/Murray era in the desert, but starting the season with both a rookie head coach and starting QB is relatively rare. How have previous inexperienced coach/QB combos fared? (Part 2 of 2.) Green in the desert: A look back at previous 1st-year coach/rookie starting QB combos (Part 2)Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray come to the desert with a lot of potential—but a dearth of experience.Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsYesterday, we began our look back on the nine previous 1st-year head coach/rookie starting QB duos. Today, we finish with the final five teams, as well as some final observations.We pick things up in 2011 with a certain mobile QB who shattered NFL records in his first season.2011 Carolina PanthersBradford (that sentence is even funnier in 2019). Replacing Kelly and Bradford were former Eagles player and assistant Doug Pederson and #2 overall pick Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State. Pederson was well regarded at the time, and scouts loved Wentz Patrick Peterson Jersey 2019 , but no one was predicting that they’d be a Super Bowl team the very next season (with Foles back in the fold).The 2016 season was one for growth, as the team realized Wentz was a better option than Bradford in training camp and traded him to the Vikings for a 1st-rounder(!). Pederson turned the offense over to Wentz, who threw the ball 600+ times in his rookie year. His numbers weren’t exactly eye-popping, but they were solid for a rookie (3,782 yards, 62.4 completion %, 16:14 TD:INT ratio Black Jordan Hicks Jersey , 6.2 YPA). The Eagles started a surprising 3-0 in 2016 but faded down the stretch, finishing 7-9. But the next season, Wentz was the leading MVP candidate when he went down with a torn ACL, setting the stage for Foles’s Super Bowl glory.What can the Cardinals learn from this Eagles team?These things take time. It took the Wentz and the rest of the Eagles offense a year to fully learn Pederson’s system. Their offense regressed slightly back toward the middle of the pack from Kelly’s last season to Pederson’s first, but in Year 2 under Pederson, they fielded one of the best offenses in the league. So Cardinals fans should be patient if Kingsbury and Murray don’t provide fireworks right away. Those should come in Year 2.Final ThoughtsThe 2019 Arizona Cardinals will be the 10th team since 2000 to enter Week 1 with a 1st-year head coach and rookie starting QB. Here are my main takeaways from this look at the previous nine teams:The average team on this list improved by 3 wins from the previous season. That would put the Cardinals at 6-10 in 2019, which seems like a reasonable baseline expectation for the team.Of the nine coach/QB combos Jordan Hicks Jersey 2019 , four made the playoffs in their first season. More compellingly, three eventually made Super Bowl appearances, and two won it—Harbaugh and Flacco in 2012 and Pederson and Wentz in 2017.Most of the immediate success stories were teams that largely took the ball out of their rookie QB’s hands and relied on a strong running game and, ideally, a strong defense. The 2008 Falcons, 2008 Ravens, and 2009 Jets rode this approach to the playoffs. This doesn’t seem to be a viable approach for the Cardinals given the offensive line situation and the system Kingsbury wants to run.The other team on this list to make the playoffs was the 2012 Indianapolis Colts Black Terrell Suggs Jersey , who basically plugged a generational talent in at QB (Luck) to replace another one (Manning). Although the Cardinals are sky-high on Murray, I don’t think anyone would argue that he’s quite as good a prospect as Luck. So I’m not sure how instructive that Colts season would be for the Redbirds.Tannehill and Manuel were clearly lesser prospects than Murray given the scouting reports at the time and their eventual draft positions. I don’t think there’s a ton to take away from their first seasons.Of all the quarterbacks on this list, the two that resemble Murray the most seem to be Newton and Wentz—high draft picks who were expected to throw a ton in their first seasons. Newton’s mobility especially makes him an apt comparison (although not his size), although Wentz isn’t exactly immobile either (at least before his ACL injury). Both of those QBs finished short of .500 in their rookie seasons, but quickly established themselves among the best at the position—although it must be said that they both have prototypical QB size/stature. Could Murray follow a similar career trajectory despite his height/size disadvantages?Regardless of how the season turns out, the 2019 Arizona Cardinals will be a fascinating team to watch. Success or failure, the entire NFL will have its eyes on the Redbirds this season. Maybe this green duo in the desert will wither and die on the vine—or perhaps it will bloom into something truly special. It’s been a week since the Cardinals officially answered the question of whether they were going to cast 2018 first-round pick Josh Rosen aside in favor of drafting Kyler Murray.Head coach Kliff Kingsbury reiterated the rationale for that move on by saying that Murray has “too great a skill set to pass up.” Having that kind of talent and being the impetus for the organization’s change of direction at quarterback isn’t enough for Kingsbury to say that he’s the No. 1 quarterback in Arizona Terrell Suggs Jersey 2019 , however.“We’ll see. We’re still working through all those things,” Kingsbury said. “We have Brett Hundley here who we’re very excited about, but we’ll see where that kinda goes.”Kingsbury was asked how his offense will look compared to others in the NFL and said it was still taking shape, but that the team is “going to build it around Kyler.” Given that and the skill set that led the team to make Murray the first overall pick, it will be a great surprise if Murray is healthy and on the bench in Week One.

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