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The books The Most Dangerous Game and Hunters in the Snow are both fictional stories where hunting is the main subject. However, both stories informs their expertise through searching in two distinct ways, one is fictional literacy and one is commercial literacy. Fictional literacy by definition is written by someone with serious artistic goals and who expects to enhance the reader's awareness of lifestyle. This kind of literature is used to get people to think and feel various emotions into their real life. It is a type of writing that connects the reader into the real world and real world circumstances. Literary fiction isn't always going to be pleasurable, it can also induce you to have additional emotions. The story is about three men that go on a hunting excursion. Between these three men there is major conflict, resulting in a tragedy. A good example of literary fiction occurring in this particular story is that the conflict between these guys. Conflict is utilized in this type of literacy a good deal, since conflict is a large role in real life. When the three men are searching among those men, Kenny, gets mad and shoots tree, then shoots and kills a puppy, then looks at the other guy, Tub. During this entire excursion Tub has been constantly picked on by the majority of those men. Tub and Kenny have been arguing all morning, and at that moment Tub, not knowing however that Kenny was messing about, tells tub he hates him. Shortly after he hears this Tub thinks Kenny will take him and points his gun to Kenny and shoots him in the stomach. This component is an additional example since it gets the reader thinking. It gets the reader to look and understand the problem and think of what's going to happen next. People having battle is a social issue and can be in everyday life. Following this happens they get on the path to go to the hospital and end up making two stops, one in a pub and one in a diner. At these moments Tub and Frank can discuss their issues and constitute. This is an instance of literary fiction because it can happen in life and can occur in the reader's life. Industrial literacy's purpose is to entertain and interest the reader in hopes to create money. This is a novel about a man, Rainsford, who loves hunting and that he wound up in a island after he fell from his boat. He hears gunshots about the island and then proceeds to look to find out who shot people gunshots. Then he finds a man, General Zaroff, and his house and starts to talk and get to understand the guy. A topic they love is searching, but in General Zaroff's case, the topic of hunting isn't just about hunting animals. It's about hunting Men.

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