#1 Advantages of Online Education von gharpeshikshatutor 09.08.2020 11:28

Due to the pandemic caused by the virus outbreak, the importance of online education has increased drastically. The fear of getting infected by the coronavirus has pushed us to switch to online means. People are adopting digital as much as they can. Even the schools and universities have suspended their traditional way of teaching and switched to online education. But we know that a physical classroom is better for education rather than sitting next to a screen and learning through a virtual teacher. It may not give practical knowledge to the learner. Then the question arises, is online education any good? What are the advantages of online education and why should we adopt digital education?

Cost of education

It is not a hidden fact that the cost of education has increased over the years. Be it a school going child or a college student, they all have to pay a huge sum of the monthly fees. The education expense is so much so that people could not afford it and they have to take education loans.
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