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Learn More Of Turban Colors January 25 Benoit Pouliot Oilers Jersey , 2013 | Author: Dorothy Hurley | Posted in Fashion
A turban is known to be a wrapping headgear that is made of long pieces of fabrics used in covering the head. The length of most pieces is usually around twelve feet and are mostly made of cotton, silk, fine, and muslin fabrics. Different turban colors are worn for various occasions as each color represent different purpose.

Nowadays, turbans are no longer just pieces of clothes worn to cover the head; they are considered some of the top fashion pieces. For this, top personalities in the fashion industry are today seen in magazines wearing turbans although they have been advanced to look more stylish. As a way to advance their beauty, most designers use beads, gold pieces, and different prints and patterns. Consequently, this has been able to maintain their classy look.

Colors are known to have different meaning to different people, with some of them having a connection with religious and cultural beliefs. White for instance is associated with holiness by most religious groups; for this, it is worn in various occasions that may be inappropriate to wear dull colors which have other meanings. In the past, leaders have had the tendency to prefer white head wraps for their daily wear.

On the other hand, the young generation is seen to prefer head gears with bright colors like pink, yellow and green. However, most of them go for navy blue, black and pick during formal occasions as they bring out an official outlook. The other group that is selective in terms of the color they chose is military personnel as they have to go for those that camouflage with some of them wearing patriotic prints.

In addition, there are people who chose the color to wear based on the outfit they put on so as have a catchy look. Moreover, this does not go for the color alone, but also the pattern and prints used by the designer of the turbans. Also, their choice may be highly influenced by other factors such as the fabrics used in the making of the turban.

Most people tend to favor bright colored wears even though some of them are used in norm practices. The way one looks when attending a commemorative occasion is very important as it represent their beliefs. Other than their perceived representation, their appearance determines how glamorous one may look as they enhance ones beauty.

There are other turbans that are used by nomadic tribes to prevent sand and dust from ruining their hair. Protection from sand is their only purpose and has no religious connection like those worn by believers. It is for this reason that they have a preference of dirt proof attires that have a darker color. It is because they can stay for long without showing the dirt collected.

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